Island Inn @ 123 West

Fish Mackay Architects continue our successful relationship with the owners of 123 West, now the Island Inn at 123 West, providing interior design services for their recent expansion. Approximately 2400 sq ft of retail space within the existing LEED-Silver Certified building was remodeled to add four luxury suites and an employee break space.

Dubbed “Sweets”, these units combining the upscale finishes and character of the boutique hotel’s existing larger, residence-style “Penthouses” with the clean-lined efficiency of their smaller “Euros”.  Fish Mackay focused on maximizing the breathtaking views from each room, utilizing water-efficient luxury bathroom fixtures, and using understated custom cabinetry to create a refined, inviting atmosphere.  The client’s furniture and bright artwork from local island artist add a personal touch at this truly remarkable hotel.

Voted Best Luxury Hotel in the Pacific Northwest 2012 by Evening Magazine.