George F. Russell Jr. Hall

George F. Russell Jr. Hall occupies a prominent site in Seattle’s University District, enhancing a major pedestrian link between the campus of the University of Washington and University Way, the commercial core of the neighborhood.  The building features a truly diverse mix of uses, including street-level retail, 3 floors of office space, and 15 apartment units.  Designed to complement the “Campus Gothic” character of surrounding campus and neighborhood buildings, Russell Hall is clad with a blended mix of brick hues and echoes architectural elements of its neighbors.  An alley that serves both as a busy pedestrian route and the entrance to Cafe Allegro, a beloved local landmark, runs along the western edge of the site.  To enhance the pedestrian character of the alley and provide gathering space for patrons of the cafe, Russell Hall features special alley paving, lighting, informal seating, and planted greenscreens.

Completed while working with GGLO